Our world trip will start in 1,5 weeks and we can’t be more excited! Especially now that we have made the itinerary through Africa very concrete. Africa is the first continent we will visit and together with Kukummi Safaris, Nomad Tours, and Bidvest we have created the most epic tour through this beautiful continent.

Africa is the second largest continent on earth, and we would be so lost without the help of Kukummi safaris. We would not be able to make this amazing route happen without them. Below you will find a sneak-peek of what the itinerary looks like and some of the highlights of this tour!

After spending Christmas with the family, we will fly to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We will stay there for 1 night, and the next day we will leave the mainland and take a ferry to Zanzibar. Here we will celebrate New Years Eve (could be worse, right? 😉 ). After spending some days on this spice island, and getting to know more about the interesting culture and history, we will go back to the mainland. Here is where we will start the tour together with Nomad Tours and Kukummi Safaris.

From Dar es Salaam, we will travel to the highland region of Mikumi National Park, from there we will go to a country which is known as the warm heart of Africa, Malawi. We will spend some days at Lake Malawi, which has by the way a surface of more than 29.000 km2. That means that this lake would cover about 75% of the Netherlands! From Malawi we will travel to Zambia and from there to one of the Seven Wonders of the World: the Victoria Falls.

To get a clear overview, you can find this part of the itinerary below:

Now, we will continue the journey and will travel to Chobe National Park, Botswana. Here we can experience a beautiful African sunset at the Chobe river. In Botswana, we will also explore the most unique wilderness areas, called: the Okavango Delta – the largest delta of the world.
After some days, we will cross the Namibian border and will go to Windhoek.

Nomad Africa Adventures has created a map for this part of our journey as well, see below!

In Windhoek we will rent a car at Bidvest for just the two of us. We will cross one of the oldest deserts of the world and will see how the desert meets the wild ocean. From Namibia we will drive south to Cape Town, South Africa. More information about this part will be posted shortly!

What do you think of the tour so far, and how would you plan your journey through Africa?