After traveling through Namibia, we arrived in Cape Town and we absolutely love it here (video’s will follow soon). The city is all about discovering the unexpected. You can drive around, end up in a neighborhood with some doubts: is this really safe or not? And then it ends up to be an area filled with nice cafes, colorful houses and street art. Walking through Cape Town really feels like a book, since there is a story behind every corner.


One day we just felt like driving around and ended up in a place called ‘Hout Bay’. This is the place where many Capetonians go to during their weekends to enjoy the local Fish and Chips. Hout is the Dutch word for Wood, and you can find plenty of it in this area. The Dutch established themselves in Table Bay around 1652. They needed a lot of timber to build, so they ended up exploring the woods and discovered Hout Bay. There were only two farms in a valley of forests, but eventually became a well known fishing village. During this early settlement days of the western Cape, the Dutch were building and repairing their ships in this place. Hout Bay is physically separated from the rest of Cape Town by a big part of the famous Table Mountain, which leads to experiencing the mot cinematic scenes while driving to the village.

When we arrived in Hout Bay, we were looking for a place to sleep. We thought there would be many options, but that wasn’t really the case. We randomly decided to drive our way up on the hills and were going to stop at a certain place. Right before we stopped, our car broke down. Like if it was a sign. We stepped into a a place called Harbour’s End Guest House and lucky for us there was still a room available. The place is run by the lovely couple Tamlyn and Gareth. Gareth was so kind to help us with the car and called Bidvest, the car rental company. We have to say their service is perfect: within an hour there was a new car, right in front of us. So just a side step, but if you want to rent a car in Africa, Bidvest is the right company.

Up till now every unexpected situation has led to something very good, and we can definitely say that again for that certain day. The room looked perfect; it has a very comfortable bed, a clean bathroom and even a small kitchen. We decided to buy some groceries and came back to prepare a nice dinner on the braai. Since we are in South Africa, we feel like there is no way to leave this country without having used a braai. We made a nice meal: some tomato marinated chicked, corn, grilled eggplants and a salad. We were enjoying this meal on the balcony, located next to the beautiful Table Mountain.

Gareth came and said: “No freaking way, are you guys really using the braai, that is amazing.”We had to laugh and it ended up in lovely conversation with him and his lovely wife Tamlyn. They were telling us how they have lived their lives in the UK and Spain, and we soon found out that we both share the craving for freedom. Besides running their guesthouse, Gareth is a SEO specialist and is advising several companies about the best SEO strategy for them. He was first working in IT in the UK, but felt like working for someone else just wasn’t the right thing for him. So he decided to start his own online business, that allows them to live all over the world. He told us about his motto: “Sell your knowledge, not your time”. We felt really inspired by this motto, since we feel the exact same way. This is one of our reasons to travel and seeing how others find their own way to freedom and actualy manage to live the way they want to, brings a big smile on our faces. Oh and what also brings a big smile on our faces, is the fact that you can get THE BEST CALAMARI ever in Hout Bay at Wharfside Grill.

So lovely people, if you are visiting Cape Town, make sure you are having a stay at Harbour’s Eng Guest House and go to Wharfside Grill for the best calamari or fried fish. For us, staying in Hout Bay for two nights was enough to get a good impression of the village. From Hout Bay you can easily take a Hop-On-Hop-Off bus to explore the complete peninsula. Even though we really like to explore everything by ourselves, taking one of these buses allows you to see the best parts in just one day. Also you can listen to the interesting South African history while touring around, and later decide what areas you would like to further explore by yourself. Especially if you are staying in Cape Town for a short period of time, this is a great way to decide how you are going to spend your time.