Rituals are an important part of each culture. Especially in key aspects in life such as beauty, love, life wisdom and celebrations.

Our fascination for rituals mostly has to do with the mystical ambiance around them. We find it very interesting how some very old rituals, still can play an important role in life. Especially millennials are becoming more interested in mindfulness, because of the rushed world we live in. Mindfulness is approximately 2500 years old, originally called ‘Vipassana’, which means to see things how they actually are. It seems like we are rediscovering ancient wisdom and rituals. This is not so suprising, as the need for rituals is said to be a basic human instinct, just as our need for food, shelter and love.

We can’t wait to discover the most beautiful rituals during our world trip, and learn how we can benefit from them in modern life.

Our journey will start in Tanzania, an African country with lots of rituals to explore. If you are curious about what we will find out about the Tanzanian Rituals, then follow Nomads of Life.

If you have any rituals that you would like to share with us, feel free to comment below.