One of the best things about traveling the world, is meeting new people and hearing their stories. We have always been very interested in getting to know people from all walks of life. And within the category Nomads of Today we will share unique stories of the people we meet along the way.

As little kids we remember going on a vacation in the beautiful Italy with our parents. We rented an authentic Italian house, located on the high plains of Umbria. Our father was friends with Rinus Blomsteel, a Rotterdam painter. He has always been quite fascinating to us because of his interesting stories. He really lived his life from day to day. Sometimes he was quite stable and could live by the earnings of his work, but he got bored fast because of his wispy behavior. From time to time he was homeless and we didn’t hear anything from him for months. Then all of a sudden he could emerge with an invitation for his new exposition, with the most colorful paintings.

He told us how he got robbed along the way and had to sleep on benches in parks because he ran out of money.

Rinus went to Italy by a small folding bike all the way from the Netherlands, to get inspiration for his new paintings. Along the way he sold paintings to buy some food. He arrived in Italy around the same time as we did, and decided to stay with us for a couple of days. One night we were all sitting in the huge garden around the bonfire. My father was cooking a delicious meal in the stone oven, while Rinus was entertaining us with his wonderful stories. He told us how he learned to paint, and how he randomly asked the well known painter, Willem de Kooning, to be his teacher.  His trip to Italy was full of adventures, from getting robbed along the way to sleeping on benches in parks because he ran out of money. All of that didn’t stop him from continuing his journey to seek inspiration for new paintings. We think our parents were very happy with his visit, because we have never been so quiet and such great listeners around the age of 11 and 9 ;-).

We believe that everyone has a unique story that will make everyone quiet. During our world trip we want to gather those stories. From meeting people of tribes, to getting to know the citizens of New York. We want to find out everything about their culture, how they live their life and what dreams they have.

With Nomads of Today we want to re-create those inspiring Italian bonfire moments, by sharing the most wonderful stories with you.