When we decided to make our dream reality, we had to think about how long we are going to travel. We gave ourselves a year minimum. Even though going on a world trip for minimum a year sounds like a long period, it is actually pretty short if you want to visit so many countries.

We aim to see as much as possible of the world, and we have spent so many days looking at the map picking countries that we NEED to see. At the end of the day we had 55 countries on our bucket list. This basically means you will have less than a week to spend in each country – so consequently, we had to remove A LOT.

We came to the final conclusion that we want to start of our world trip in Tanzania, Africa. There is not a particular reason why we will start there. Maybe because it is completely unknown soil for us, and why make it easy if you can throw yourself in at the deep end right? ;-). Anyways, after Tanzania, Namibia and South-Africa are definitely noted on our MUST-SEE list. From Capetown we are planning to fly to South-America. From there we will go all the way up north to the U.S.A. and then Australia and Asia will follow. We will most probably end our journey in the Middle-East.

To give you a clear overview, you can find our MUST-SEE list below:

  1. Africa: Tanzania, Namibia, and South-Africa
  2. South-America: Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Colombia
  3. Central-America: Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico
  4. USA
  5. Australia
  6. Asia: Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam
  7. Middle-East: United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Iran

This is what we have planned for now. But as we are both quite open for the unexpected, the route might change during the year.

We will highlight the most beautiful (hidden) places we visit during our world trip, and will share our findings of each culture on our blog!
Have you ever been in the above mentioned countries, or do you feel like we NEED to go to your favorite destination? Please feel free to share your experiences or any tips you might have.