Five months ago we started our journey to travel around the world. Time flew by so fast and we have visited many countries within this period. We have already learnt a lot, had good times, bad times, had many laughter’s, a few tears, and most importantly: we could share the best life experiences as sisters.

Although we love visiting new countries and delving into a totally new culture, we do experience some times when we get a little homesick (only a little). And so we decided to make a list of the things we miss the most about the Netherlands;

  1. Friends, Family and even our Job 

Missing your loved ones while traveling is probably one of the most obvious things that will happen. We are not the type of persons who get emotionally attached very fast, so we didn’t expect to get “home sick” easily. However, after about 5 months of traveling, we started thinking about our close friends and family a lot. We used to live together with one of our best friends: Masaki. The click we have with the three of us is indescribable, but it definitely feels like a strong family relationship. We still talk every day on WhatsApp or Facetime, so thanks to technology it still feels like we’re not that far away from each other. He is just one example of all the people we miss. The connection between friends and family can be so strong, that you have sort of developed your own type of language, and jokes that no one will understand. Both of us liked our jobs, co-workers and employers a lot and they definitely belong to the list of things we miss. During a long travel you will come across so many situations where the experiences you have gained can become very helpful. We both had jobs with lots of freedom and space to figure certain situations out ourself, and this type of self-sufficiency can definitely be very useful while traveling.

  1. Directness of the Dutch

One thing we love about traveling is getting to know other cultures. When learning about different manners, norms, and behaviour, you will not only learn about other cultures, but also about your own. We already knew that in the Dutch culture people are quite direct, but after spending 5 months abroad, we really started to realize it. Sometimes you will be in a situation where you can’t be as direct as you want to, and then you realize that you can miss your own culture every now and then.

  1. Food

Even though every country has its own specialties that are really delicious, there are some days when you miss the food from your own country. Mostly we stay at self-catering places so you will be able to prepare your own meals. Lucky for us, we had the chance to prepare the food that we miss the most! One of them was a stew from BRAM’S Gourmet Frites. We tried to copy their concept and made our own fries with a South-African stew.
In case you didn’t know about this concept yet, you have to try it!! BRAM’S Gourmet Frites is located in the Netherlands and Germany. They sell the best fresh (hand-cut!) fries with different stews. From vegetarian to chicken, to beef.. you will find the most delicious combinations there. Did you know that BRAM’S Gourmet Frites made these stews together with Herman den Blijker (a famous Dutch chef)? When we were in South Africa, we made this meal with a local Bredie (stew), which was really good. You can find the recipe here!
This concept actually started with Bram Ladage, it is the most famous Dutch fresh fries brand in the Netherlands. Bram Ladage serves their hand-cut fries without the skin on the potato, while BRAM’S Gourmet Frites leaves the skin on it. The size of a stew is enough for a good meal, so you can easily try it out for lunch or dinner!

  1. Clothing closet

This could sound a bit odd, but we definitely miss our clothing closet! We are traveling with a big backpack, which is great, but after a while you really start to miss having a structured closet. Never thought we would miss this, especially knowing that we would always leave our clothes all over the place instead of in the closet… but yeah, this definitely belongs to the list now. Mom are you proud of us now?

  1. Sailing

Now that the weather starts getting better in the Netherlands, we definitely miss our time on the water! We basically grew up being in/on/close to the water. We used to sail since we were small kids, and every spring and summer we spent our evenings and weekends on the water.

All in all, we are actually quite happy that we experience this feeling of getting a little home sick every now and then. We still enjoy every day of this trip and we are grateful for every new journey that comes on our path. The freedom you have while traveling is worth every obstacle that you will face. Your perspective on life will change a lot, we have visited countries where people are so open to anybody and where nobody is judging another so easily. Sometimes you will walk into a brand new place, and you feel at home from the very first minute. This is just amazing.

What would you miss from home while traveling?